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Why do we need a real-time online monitoring system for furnace temperature?

Why do we need a real-time online monitoring system for furnace temperature?

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2016/10/16 10:57
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The biggest drawback of the manual test furnace temperature curve is that the actual process temperature has changed, there is no timely or no effort to measure the furnace temperature and the production continues, resulting in poor product.
Case 1:
In May 2016, X company, because of the production of samples in the evening shift, adjusted the speed of the furnace conveyor belt, the other parameters such as the furnace temperature were not adjusted, and the personnel who handed over the next day only checked the temperature of the furnace and started production. Because it is an offline thermometer, it is not until the test temperature of 11 o'clock in the morning that the actual temperature is found to be more than 10 degrees lower than the set value. Later, after careful inspection, it was found that the chain speed was incorrect, and all the PCBs produced for more than three hours were reworked.
Case 2:
In August 2017, A company's overseas customers complained that the BGA pin solder joints in a batch of PCB boards were cold-welded, and the product defect rate reached 3%. Reasons for traceability: 1. Because the production is a conventional product, without X-Ray detection, AOI can not find the second bad. 2. The production line is changed, the welding temperature curve and the welding time are lower, but the PWI value meets the process requirements. Eventually, the direct economic loss of Company A was 200,000 US dollars, which also affected the subsequent orders.
Compared to the manual tester, the furnace temperature curve monitoring system can measure the process in real time, which is the basic function of Tesdata. Although automated testing does not completely replace manual testing, it can reduce expenses and increase the number of tests over a limited period of time. A large amount of measurement time is saved in the case of performing the same number of tests. In addition to the use of automated comparison technology, the system can automatically perform the judgment of the results to avoid manual comparison of existing loopholes.
Then the online furnace temperature monitoring system can effectively solve and prevent the uncertainty of human intervention. And more targeted protection and effective control of PCB temperature in production